A downloadable game for Windows

  With FireCracker Clickerz you can explode your heart out with the Mega 68 gram firecracker! Save up firecrackers to get a firework stand, and even a firework tent! And more FREE updates coming soon! Happy Independence day everyone!

1.3 now available! Get it now!

Change log:

FireCracker Clickerz 1.0

-initial public release

FireCracker Clickerz 1.1

-Added a better shop system

-Added a better save system

-Fixed some bugs, as well as added some :D


FireCracker Clickerz 1.2


FireCracker Clickerz 1.3

-Added 2 more shop items

-Added a better save system

-And much more! Check it out!

FireCracker Clickerz 1.4

-Added more shop items

-Added better save system

-Fixed some bugs, and added quite a few!!!

Install instructions

Simply run the installer, and there you have it!


FireCracker Clickerz 1.4 Installer 2 MB